General Information:  All Ohio Health Departments require the same process.  They require a questionnaire be filled out on-line (I have added the phone numbers below if you answer an inquiry with no computer access-it is difficult to get through the phone lines so be patient!)

Fill out the questionnaire-they will review and if you qualify-they will send an email with the next week’s locations and times listed.  You choose a preferred date-time & location.  You must still be approved-they will let you know if you got that spot.   I believe these are all drive-thru.  Once the injection is given-you drive to a supervised area and wait 15 minutes to see if there is a reaction.

A card is given with what vaccine and the date you received it. You must keep this card and bring to your next injection!  They will tell you when the next injection is due and that the health departments will have a reminder system however do not rely on this as there will be thousands of shots given.  Know when your next one is due and if you do not get a reminder you must call and schedule your next shot.

The schedule for our state is as follows:

Week of:        January 18-  80 yr olds and up

                      January 25-  75 yr olds and up

                      February 1-  70 yr olds and up

                      February 18- 65 yr olds and up

Delaware County Health Department     740-368-1700

Franklin County Health Department      614-525-3160

Jackson County Health Department      740-286-5094