Dr. James Hardin’s family donated his medical practice to Grace Powell Church after Dr. Hardin’s untimely death in August, 2009. The family’s wish was that the Linden area would continue to have access to quality medical care – and a place where the love of Jesus is shared.  Dr. Hardin’s name remains well-respected in the community – with many of his former patients and families visiting the clinic.We are honored to have the opportunity to serve those in need.  We are blessed by wonderful volunteer physician, nurses, pharmacists, office staff and prayer partners who unselfishly and lovingly donate their time and talents to keep Linden healthy!


We are located at 2052 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211


We are open Saturday mornings for medical appointments at 9am. We do offer a few specialty services. Please contact us for more information.

Phone: 614-301-3375

Fax: 844-895-6173

E-mail: kim@graceclinicsoh.org